Always distracted? Give These Four Tips a Try

We all struggle with it but if you acknowledge you have a problem, that’s a starting point, right? No, but really, if you are always distracted, keep these four tips in mind and set out to change that distraction into determination!

  1. Take a stand. It all starts here – you won’t succeed at staying focused if you don’t really want to. Ask yourself: What do I really want? What is it that I struggle with? Make a list of what commonly distracts you and go from there.
  2. Make some goals. Take your list of distractions and set goals for yourself. But, remember to make these realistic – what can you actually see yourself doing? You can eventually build on these goals in the future.
    • I will check my phone once an hour
    • I will check my email once every two hours
    • I will take fewer breaks, but longer breaks
  3. Use an app or software to minimize distractions for you to help you set goals, block websites, keep you motivated, schedule times of focus.
    • StayFocused
    • RescueTime
    • Anti-Social
    • Focus
  4. Tell your coworkers. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t let your coworkers know your intentions (they can be the biggest source of distractions!). Let them know, “For the next hour, I’ll be working on this project, and I’m not going to check my email or phone during this time.” You can also set yourself as ‘busy’ or ‘in a meeting’ if you share calendars with your coworkers.

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