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Stop Losing Files in O365 Once and For All

backup for office 365 essentials header

Did you know that besides offering offsite, vault and image backup, we have a solution specifically for Office 365 users too?  It’s called Backup Essentials for Office 365. While the name is a bit wordy, this solution couldn’t be more straightforward! This solution offers backup and recovery for Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

Backup Essentials for Office 365 is an excellent solution for small and large businesses who keep a majority of their files in the Microsoft Cloud. This includes those times where you’ve deleted an email you need back, a file someone else removes from a shared drive or an entire folder that somehow went missing!

Backup Essentials for Office 365 allows a central administration point for access to all user files across your entire network. It also provides for custom retention policies; allowing for automated or manual backups and selecting multiple data files for restores, if needed. Files are backed up continually, not on a set schedule once a night, or once a week.

The best part is this service is fully monitored and managed by Networks Unlimited, so you don’t have to worry if your files are being correctly saved, you know they are being backed up.

Contact us today to add this service to your existing Office 365 plan, or sign up to transition your business to Office365.

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