Practical Benefits of Business Video Surveillance

video surveillance iconEven if you feel like you live at the office, you probably can’t keep an eye on it 24 hours a day. So, if you can’t, then who can? The solution could be less of a who and more of a what.

Video surveillance cameras can serve as a deterrent to thieves and could prevent break-ins. If a break-in does occur, security cameras are crucial in solving the crime and, hopefully, recovering any stolen items. Cameras can also provide clear evidence in the case of a business dispute. An unseen workplace injury could cause disagreement between employee and employer, but video surveillance cameras would provide the evidence needed to settle a dispute. Video surveillance cameras are also a cost-efficient alternative to other forms of security such as security guards.

Placement of surveillance cameras is vital to ensure you are using them effectively. You should position cameras in both the interior and exterior of your business. Monitor all entrances and exits, and it is best if the cameras face outward and at an angle that can capture faces of anyone entering the building. Supervise any remote or isolated place in the business. Parking lots, nearby alleyways and walkways are also essential to keep an eye, or camera, on.

Networks Unlimited can help with the placement and plan for your video surveillance system. Once equipped with the necessary cameras,  Networks Unlimited can take charge to manage and maintain your video surveillance system ensuring it is working when you need it most. A security system is useless if it is not properly functioning and maintained. We can ensure that your system is capturing and saving all the data you need with our WatchIT service. This service includes

  • Recording hardware/software
  • Device monitoring and maintenance
  • Video viewing support (PC and mobile)
  • Video extraction (in the case of an event)

Networks Unlimited can help you create a safer business and put your mind at ease when you aren’t at your facility. Contact us today to get started!

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