windows 7 disappearing

Windows 7 Disappearing Quickly

While Microsoft support for Windows 7 in its various forms/versions continues, availability of new Windows 7 computers and upgrades (home to premium) is quickly evaporating.

IT Quick Tip: Exploding Computers!

Ok- your computer probably won’t explode, but it is easy to forget that computers are no more than machines. Like any machine, computers need maintenance.

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Lawsuit May Have Facebook Pay Users for “Sponsored Ads”

Many Facebook users received an email about a lawsuit that would have the company pay out as much as $10 to some users for using their name and photos in the company’s sponsored ads.

Allow Me to Quickly Introduce Myself!

Hello! My name is Lauren and I am the newest addition to the Networks Unlimited family. After tremendous growth, Networks Unlimited created a marketing position, and I was lucky enough to fit the job description!

Hard Drive Shortage

There are a couple of things that have transpired in the computer industry in the last month that we believe are worthwhile to note.

First, a typhoon caused massive flooding to parts of Thailand at the end of August.

“Unlimited” proves too good to be true for Mozy customers

Speaking of “it was just a matter of time,” the online-backup company, Mozy is no longer offering an “Unlimited Backup” service plan. This comes with little shock to industry insiders and competitors.

New Anti-X Service

Like all things, it was just a matter of time- Anti-X software as a service. Networks Unlimited has partnered with Trend Micro to provide Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware protection for Microsoft Windows Servers and Workstations as an IT Service.

Making the transition to Windows 7

Well, it’s time again to consider life without Microsoft Windows XP. Of course we’ve all been through this once before with the release of Windows Vista, but this time it is for real. With the warm reception of Windows 7 and it’s compatibility mode for older applications, Windows XP is quickly falling out of favor and support.