cloud computing trends for 2019

Cloud Computing Trends for 2019

cloud computing trends for 2019Cloud computing is still on the rise, and with more businesses looking to make the switch, there are no signs that it will slow down anytime soon.

So, what are the cloud computing trends for 2019? Here is a list of 5 trends to keep in mind for your business.

  1. Adoption Will Continue to Grow Rapidly

Cloud computing is not just a fad, it’s the way of the future, so expect continued growth; even dramatic growth in the years to come.

  1. More Businesses will opt for a Hybrid Solution

Most companies have some concerns about making the switch to cloud computing, making a hybrid solution much more appealing. This option gives them the ability to transition at their own pace, with less risk and a lower cost.

  1. Cloud Security Will Be More Confusing with GDPR

Security is a significant issue if you’ve got data in the cloud or not, so expect it to continue being a trend for 2019. With the addition of GDPR, cloud security issues will become more confusing. Security issues come from businesses rushing into moving to the cloud without thinking about any of the consequences of moving to the cloud. If you’re considering going to the cloud, think out security needed for those changes.

  1. The Future is Mobile

With most people having a smartphone or tablet, workers can do their jobs from anywhere. Mobile workers is another reason that cloud computing is on the rise! Mobility makes the demand for cloud-computing apps increase as owners realize the amount of productivity they can get from their staff.

  1. Collaboration is Key

Facilitating access to information helps employees get on the same page making communication easier between employees, teams, and departments. For example, having real-time data helps manufacturing facilities lose friction points that slow down production. Access to accurate, real-time data helps your company grow!

If you’re thinking about dipping a toe in the world of cloud computing or wanting to move everything over, give Networks Unlimited a call (970) 243-3311. We can help you strategize to make your move efficient and effective while maintaining the security of your relevant data.

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