Dedicated Project Manager

A Dedicated Project Manager Helps Make I.T. Simple!

We make I.T. simple! That is not only our tagline at Networks Unlimited but our goal as well. We want to make I.T. as painless as possible for every customer interaction. Why? We know that you have a lot going on to make your company succeed, and you don’t need to worry and stress over your technology. We’ve got you covered.

darrell himlerTo help push the idea and practice of simplicity, we have a dedicated project manager, Darrell Himler. His primary job is to make your life easier when you have any I.T. projects that need to occur. How he does this is by being responsible for all aspects of an I.T. plan from conception to completion. Darrell is your one point of contact during the project. He will manage all our internal workers, including their schedule and task list, and organize incoming components required for completion. He also meets with you at the beginning of every project to discuss budget and timeline so you know exactly when it will be completed and how much it will cost.

Our project manager will be there if you are a new customer switching services from another I.T. provider, if you move offices, if you are adding a new group of workstations, or anything else that requires more than one of our departments to complete your project.

Let us make your life simple, by switching to Networks Unlimited for all your I.T. needs, especially the significant changes that require a little something extra – like a Project Manager! Contact us today.