Eliminate Unauthorized Web-Surfing Once and For All

web content blocking iconEmployees, whether they mean to or not, get viruses from websites they visit while at work. Sometimes that malware can be on sites that they regularly visit, and sometimes those bad things are on a website they mistakenly visit. What can you do about it though? This is where Networks Unlimited’s Filter-IT service comes in handy!

Filter-IT is a web content filtering service. It allows you to restrict the websites that your employees can access from work computers. It can be entirely managed and monitored by our staff, or someone on your team can take charge if that is what you prefer.

The most significant benefit of Filter-IT, for our customers, is they can create and enforce an internet use policy for their employees to follow. This system protects your business from threats outside your network. Filter-IT is configured to meet your internet use policy standards and procedures. Known malicious websites are automatically protected with our web content filtering service.

A side benefit to Filter-IT is that it increases the productivity of employees in your company. If social sites are not available, staff can’t visit those sites during work and get distracted from their more pressing job duties. They can stay on task, without the distractions from other websites.

Protect your network with Filter-IT. Contact us today to enable web content filtering for your organization.

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