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Energy Efficient Technology for Your Business

energy efficient technologyThere are tons of options out there for energy efficiency in your house, but there are some options to be energy efficient in your office too! Listed below are a few super easy ways to implement and start saving on the office technology!

  1. Smart Power Strips

Phantom power is a thing. Think about all those hours that you’re away from the office and all the equipment that is still plugged in and sucking as much as 8% of power for nothing. With smart power strips, they work to shut down power to products that go into standby mode, saving you from having to unplug things all the time you want to save energy.

  1. Charging Stations

This one isn’t necessarily just for the office, but it works the same as the smart power strips. Charging stations help you eliminate phantom power. They usually shut off after a specific number of hours, but don’t worry, your cell phone typically charges in less time than needed.

  1. Purchase Energy Star Equipment

Energy Star is a joint program between the US Department of Energy and USEPA. They rate products on efficiency, so when you see the Energy Star go, it means that piece of equipment is more energy efficient than its counterpart. Computers, printers, scanners, and copy machines can all be an Energy Star item.

  1. Use Your Computer’s Sleep Mode

Computers have a mode where they utilize the least amount of power; it is called “sleep mode.” You can set your computer to go to sleep after a fixed period of inactivity. It helps save a little power and if you don’t need your computer on, why leave it running?

  1. Switch to a Laptop

On average, laptop computers are more efficient and use 80% less energy than a desktop computer. Pairing a laptop with a smart power strip will ensure that you are using only the electricity that you need!

There are a TON more methods of energy efficiency, but these are the biggest ones that relate directly to technology. If you’re looking to purchase new equipment, give us a call (970) 243-3311.

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