FHE – Fruita, CO

FHE-LogoFHE is in Fruita, Colorado and used to be part of Frank Henry Equipment in Canada. In 2013 FHE was sold to Basin Holdings. They are the most profitable company in all their business holdings. FHE focuses on delivering superior tools and equipment to help the oil industry be successful. What once started as a five- man operation is now up to 80 employees, and growing, within three years. During the slow industry period, FHE chose to dedicate their time and energy into two products that have helped bolster sales and growth for the company.

The first is called RigLock and is the brainchild of Senior Technical Advisor, K.C. Johansen. This hydraulic wellhead was created two years ago and has since gone through a few revisions to improve the safety aspect. This device allows riggers not to have to connect equipment by hand, while it is dangling in the air. RigLock securely attaches the tools and equipment remotely from the ground and securely locks them in place, even during the loss of hydraulic power. The panel on the ground is also color coded so operators can easily see the associated rig from the control panel. FHE is the only company that makes something like this, and it is a patented product. Larger companies are taking an interest in the product not only of the increased speed of connecting and disconnecting the tool string but also for the safety aspect of not having a human in a very dangerous position. RigLock currently makes up roughly 22% of their business. To see this piece of equipment in action, visit their website for the video.

FHE-AwardsThe second innovation regards the tracking and accessibility of certifications required for every piece of equipment in use on a site. While this software began development during booming times, it has been tweaked and perfected during the slower time, as well. Within the oil industry, all equipment must be certified every year and have maintenance records associated with every piece. These certifications can be well over 500 pages for every unit. General Manager, Darcalee Deborgorski, knew there had to be an easier, and more paper friendly way to track equipment coming in and out of their facility. She created Core. This proprietary software allows FHE employees all the historical information and timeline for completion. It also allows companies to access progress and all certifications associated with the equipment. While this program helped FHE get away from tracking on Excel spreadsheets, an added benefit for their customers is the ability to utilize the tracking and filing method to have their required certifications at their fingertips! Read more about Core hereFHE-Shop

Networks Unlimited has watched this amazing transformation of growth as their IT provider for the past five-ish years. FHE first became aware of Networks Unlimited due to the need for a new phone system. From their interaction with Senior Network Engineer, Joe, they decided to also switch their technology support from their home office’s Canadian company. Since the switch, FHE has also had Networks Unlimited set up their San Antonio office. Once setup was complete, Networks Unlimited set them up with a great local company to continue their service. Darcalee states “It’s nice that we don’t have to worry that something wasn’t done to our liking. We just know everything was completed correctly.”

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