Five Rings of Security: Get the Business Network You Can Trust

5-rings-visualPeople are always looking for a one-size-fits-all approach to their technology security needs. While some companies might provide that, we do things a little differently. We like to have a conversation with organizations to determine what they do, how they use technology, how much data they store, what kind of data they store, and what their biggest concerns are, just to name a few. An in-depth conversation gives us a larger picture of the customer’s wants, needs, and budgetary constraints and helps us determine the best solution for that business.

While we focus on the customization of our services, there are five items that we suggest companies look at when they are focusing on their security needs.

  1. Employee Training

Employee training on technology is as important to your organization as any other training staff receives. 70% of people who receive phishing emails open them. 50% of those click on links or attachments in those emails. While email filtering can cut down on the number of spam email coming into inboxes, things are never 100% secure. That is why training your employees what to watch out for could keep your network from being hacked. Networks Unlimited’s training is comprehensive and gives employees real-life examples of phishing emails sent to them. It also includes a report for you to see who is trained, and who might need a little more guidance.

  1. Email Filtering

Did you know that over 80-85% of email a company receives is unsolicited junk mail? Our filtering service automatically screens incoming email for spam and viruses and quarantines suspicious emails. Our solution is easy to implement and manage. It will cut down on most spam emails that are currently cluttering up your company’s inboxes.

  1. Automatic Backups

Electronic data is vital in today’s world. So much of our business information is kept online or on a network. Don’t be stranded when disasters happen, no matter if they are large or small. Make sure that your data is backed up, so if you accidentally delete that report you’ve been working on for a month, you can restore it. Or if your company data gets locked by ransomware, you have a backup of all your files, and you won’t have to pay the exorbitant costs to get the hacker to unlock them (maybe).  With our Automatic Backups, you don’t have to make sure your files are available when you need them, you’ll know.

  1. Firewall

You might not even know if you have a firewall or not, but it is another security measure for your network. It manages and controls the traffic on your network. By doing this, it guards against threats from an online and public interaction. Hackers can easily ping your private network, and if there are no security measures in place, they can quickly gain access and help themselves to your private data. Firewall service through Networks Unlimited is 24/7 protection to keep your data secure.

  1. Workstation Security

This is the most purchased service our customers get to protect their business from outside threats. With 200,000 to 300,000 new viruses discovered each day, you want to make sure each computer has antivirus on it. With Networks Unlimited’s service, you no longer need to worry if your antivirus is the most updated version and if it is expired or not. We take care of all of that for you.

Your organization might not need all of these services, but this is a great comprehensive list of the best services to protect your business files from all outside threats. Contact us today and let us learn about your business and customize the right solution to fit your needs! Call or email to set up a meeting today (970) 243-3311 / sales@networksunlimited.com.

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