Five Tips for Holding Effective Virtual Meetings

We know that this time is unprecedented! We’ve really never seen anything like it. With that being said, work must still to go on and we need to be productive. Virtual meeting platforms (like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Join.Me, etc.) have seen a big demand increase for business as more team members are working from home. Online meetings not only decrease travel expenses but there’s also been a rise in collaboration and profitability, too. Yes, sometimes it is harder to concentrate when you are not in-person, but virtual meetings have also allowed employees in different regions to feel more connected. Regardless of if you like virtual meetings, here are five tips for holding effective virtual meetings:

1.) Set a Meeting Schedule
a. No same day meetings, unless it’s an absolute emergency.
b. Make sure you invite everyone needed, ahead of time.
c. Early AM Meetings and Early PM Meetings are most focused timeframes.

2.) Define Meeting Codes of Conduct
a. All Virtual Meetings, must be Video Chats via Teams/Zoom.
b. All Meetings must honor dress code, without exception.
c. Plan for Focus, Manage Interruptions by Exception.

3.) Start Meeting 5 Minutes Early
a. The meetings always start early.
b. The meetings never start late.
c. Hold late people accountable, always.

4.) Assign a Rotating Scribe for Note Taking
a. Share the responsibilities for note taking
b. Share notes, before the meeting concludes
c. Use OneNote, invite the meeting attendees.
d. Collaboration is the key to activation.

5.) Honor the Meeting Purpose
a. Keep it Simple
b. Pivot Big/Complex for new meeting
c. Keep tangents on point
d. Accountability is key, in all situations.

If you aren’t set up for virtual meetings in a safe and secure manner, please contact our team. We would be happy to walk through options for you and your team.

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