Flood, Fire or Theft

** Post from a Client**
Recently I drove into work, there were a line of firetrucks, which i didn’t think anything of since we tend to have frequent false alarms, so much that none of us leave the building when the alarm goes off. But this time was different! I went to park behind the building and there must have been a dozen fire fighters, a couple with a sledge hammer making what looked like swiss cheese out of the side of our building, bricks tumbling and smoke billowing out of the wall.

Oh Sh**, my first thought was, “Was everything backed up–we were in the middle of a couple big projects?”
Yes we were protected, thank goodness…but, what if we hadn’t been?

So my question to you is? If you got a call tonight that your building had flooded or burnt to the ground, would you have the data you need? Could you pick up work as normal in a day or two, once the adrenalin of the whole thing blew over?

Call Networks Unlimited, let them create a plan for you, don’t wait til natural disaster hits you. It will let you sleep better at night, I know it does us.

Nattana Johnson,
Monument Graphics & Communications

(Thankfully the guy in the restaurant who discovered the fire at 6 am called 911, caught it early and saved our building, so no damage was done to our space, but a great lesson learned.)

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