our help desk can work for your business

Put Our Help Desk to Work for Your Business

our help desk can work for your businessIf your staff is working through computer problems to avoid making that call to a help desk, you can help your team by subscribing to Networks Unlimited’s AnswerIT dedicated service!

This means that no matter how many times your team needs to call into the help desk, it’s all covered under one monthly cost. They can call in for all sorts of reasons, too! If they need help with an Excel spreadsheet formula, they can call us. Is their wireless mouse not responding? Call us! Do they need to troubleshoot a printer issue? Yup! They can call in to get help with that problem too. We’re here for your team.

The fee for the dedicated AnswerIT service is per user. So, if your staff increases or decreases, so does your monthly cost. All the help you receive is from our staff members, who are located in-house. Having an in-house help desk staff is especially beneficial if the problem is more substantial than just a help desk call. Our team can escalate the ticket to our dispatcher who can deploy an engineer to your site and make sure your problem gets fixed quickly!

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to AnswerIT as a standard monthly cost, you can get all the great benefits of our help desk, but pay per call. We bill for every ¼ hour, instead of the industry standard of one hour. This means if it is a quick fix, you are only charged for the time needed, not for a full hour, if it isn’t used.

Contact our sales team today to get signed up for AnswerIT! Your staff will thank you.

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