IT Feature to Plan Before Construction

IT Planning: 5 IT Features to Review Before Construction

IT Feature to Plan Before ConstructionWhen it comes to the construction of a new office or the remodel of an old one IT planning can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

Crucial steps for installing IT equipment are often overlooked in the planning process and can be costly to change later. Things such as cable infrastructure, access point locations, server room location, etc. all need to be thought out before construction takes place. Here are five technology items that should be planned out before you break ground.

  1. ISP (Internet Service Provider) – Finding an ISP that suits your unique needs can be confusing, but NU can help. Our team can scan for available ISP options based on your location, requirements, and budget and find the best fit for your business.
  2. Cable Infrastructure – IT cabling consists of networking hardware used to connect network devices. These are the cables run throughout your entire building. Planning of the location of all devices (including printers, scanners, computer, etc.) is essential when constructing a new building. Without this planning, buildings will usually fall short of the necessary outlets required to run your business.
  3. Server Room Configuration – Planning the location, size, and layout of a server room is critical for the function and health of your server. Keeping the server in a centralized place (all data drops need to be under 300ft) and in an enclosed, separate room is recommended. It is also vital to ensure the dedicated server room is equipped with the wattage needed to power your network server.
  4. Heat Map for Wireless Access Points – An access point is a device that creates a wireless local area network, or “WLAN.” An access point connects to a wired router, switch, or hub through an Ethernet cable, and casts a Wi-Fi signal to a designated area. NU makes this process simple by creating a heat map to find the best location for these access points to ensure all employees in the building can access Wi-Fi. A heat map can also assess the strength of the wireless connection between access points.
  5. Video Surveillance – Video surveillance is an excellent way to protect your business. There are numerous brands and services out there to choose from, but NU can help you decide which is the best fit for your business. Our team can also assist with the placement of cameras, installation, and maintenance of your surveillance system.

Networks Unlimited can help you avoid the headache of relocating a server room or tearing out cabling when brought into building plans at the beginning of the process. Let our team assist your business through the building process and help you plan accordingly for all your unique IT needs.

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