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Make Office 365 Products Immediately Work for You

exchange iconBy now, most people have heard about Microsoft Office 365. It is a subscription-based model that provides office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Office 365 also includes email and the desktop sharing and collaboration tool, Skype for Business.

Our customers often mention the same three benefits that they enjoy the most by having this service.

  1. Customers only pay for the number of seats they use

Since Office 365 is billed monthly, your business can adjust the number of seats every month, depending on the addition or subtraction of employees. You only pay for those licenses that you are using.

  1. Customers always have the most updated product

Revisions and updates to software happen, but when you are on Office 365, your business and employees will always have the latest and greatest versions of all the included applications at no additional cost. For example, Microsoft has already leaped the 2013 version to the 2016 version. In addition to that change, Microsoft Access is available to specific levels at no additional cost to users.

  1. You can use Office anywhere

Office 365 gives you the ability to access and use the programs no matter your location. One license allows you to download all the applications on up to 5 mobile devices AND 5 computer devices. You can use one license to access your programs on your work computer, home computer, your tablet, your cell phone, and anything else you’ve got. The mobility of Office 365 is especially helpful to employees who frequently travel, work from home, or need to attend a meeting off-site.

While you can purchase these licenses directly from Microsoft, Networks Unlimited includes Office 365 First Call in our service. With our first call service, you no longer have to wait on hold forever with Microsoft. Instead, you call our local Office 365 experts. We can make changes to distribution lists, create new users, clean up old user lists, and so much more. Level one calls are included in the Office 365 service cost.

So, why are you waiting? Make the change today! Contact Networks Unlimited (970) 243-3311.

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