Microsoft discontinues support for Windows XP (RTM), Server 2000, & Professional 2000

Microsoft announces all support will be ended by July of 2010.What this means to your business is the inability to get support or critical updates – including SECURITY updates for your products. This translates into two guaranteed things for you: HEADACHES & LOST PRODUCTIVITY!

Now is a great time to cycle out your old machines with new hardware, which all have Windows 7 pre-installed and full support. If your business utilizes a server, you can upgrade to Windows Server 2008. The following are all great options to keep you up and running.

  • Replace your old machines with new Windows 7 machines
  • Upgrade your server’s software to Windows Server 2008
  • Upgrade your software from XP to Windows 7

You will likely cost yourself more in troubleshooting and attempting to rescue files from old technology than you would to update your equipment. Save yourself the time and trouble of getting lost behind changing technology. We invite you to call us, allow us to review your current setup to ensure you are SAFE & SECURE so your may continue to provide excellent service to your valued customers or to provide you with the most efficient solutions to make  you SAFE & SECURE.

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