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resourcewest1With his strong leadership, Resource West’s CEO Jack Hays, was named Entrepreneur of the Year for 2012 by Ernst & Young. His vision and innovation continue to spearhead the growth for Resource West. Resource West Inc, (RWI) has a strong history of innovation with its service, and as a result, jobs are created.  Currently, they employ a staff of 19, this number has doubled since 2011. Even in a down economy, RWI is hiring people. Through acquiring a new business and finding niche markets to service, RWI  has steadily grown since opening their doors in 2006.

Resource West has three separate divisions to support their success. RWI started with evaporative equipment for the oil and gas industry. These evaporators save companies both time and money by safely evaporating waste water. After seeing a need in other industries, Resource West started supplying their evaporative equipment to industries such as power plants, municipal wastewater,  mining and many other industries. RWI’s  evaporation equipment has found success in 26 states and has expanded into 13 countries.  Resource West has dealers set up in Australia, Egypt, Canada, Dubai and China.resourcewest2

Their second division, SMJ Fans, is a line of custom ventilation equipment for the mining industry. They design and manufacture axial fans, scrubber systems, and accessories for customers’ specific needs and restraints.  Although most of the manufactured fans are for the mining industry, SMJ Fans has provided service for Marine duty, power plants and more.  SMJ Fans has been in the custom fan building business for twenty plus years.

The last component of RWI’s success is The Commander Series Above Ground Storage Tank. These tanks are portable with quick setup and removal. Their tank designs are professionally engineered and provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective option for many of their customers.  RWI tanks offer different sizes (ranging from 17,000 bbls to the largest at 53,000 bbls) and come with innovated accessories as part of the Commander Series package.

resourcewest3Continual improvement and innovation is what has led to Resource Wests’ growth. Currently, RWI is working on the development of a second generation weather monitoring system for their evaporators. This weather station will allow the evaporators to run more efficiently while protecting against random changes in the weather. This allows their customers to remotely monitor the evaporator’s run status. Also, with their products’ users spanning across different industries, Resource West is always on the lookout for new ways to apply any of their product lines to all types of industries.

Resource West Inc. looks to Networks Unlimited for their email and internet services which are a large part of their business’s communication and flow. With conducting international business, and being faced with differing time zones, email has become an integral part of their business communication.

To learn more about Resource West, visit their website.

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