One Way to Help Companies Secure Their Computers

patch management iconComputer updates. You know the ones I’m talking about. Those little pop-ups that rear their heads at all hours of the day and night. And what do you do with them? Snooze. Ignore. Remind me later.

Those updates are crucial for the operability and functionality of your workstation. Software manufacturers update their programs to make sure they work better for you. They also update them to ensure security flaws are corrected as quickly as possible.

Patch-IT is a patch management service. It focuses on getting the updates for Microsoft and other 3rd party software (Java, Adobe, etc.) to your computer, so your equipment stays as protected as possible. Our staff pushes the updates out to your employee’s computers at times that are least likely to intervene with their workloads. This means that everyone at your company no longer has to worry about getting those pop-ups or having to waste time at work while they wait for the updates to occur.

The top three benefits our customers like about Patch-IT are:

  1. Networks Unlimited manages it

Customers no longer worry if their employees are updating their computers. Networks Unlimited staff members do all the work, and you get all the benefit.

  1. Networks Unlimited has a bird’s-eye view of computer protection

We have a single view of vulnerability within the machines at your organization. We can see which computers still need updates and which ones are good to go.

  1. The primary layer of security for equipment

Patch updates are essential to your network’s security. They help lock down vulnerabilities that happen in software programs, making your data safe.

While this service is available as a stand-alone option, most of our clients receive Patch-It bundled with other services, like Managed IT or Simple IT. Patches plug the holes viruses and malware use to enter, making them one of the last lines of defense to protect your equipment. That reason is why we bundle this service to create a more comprehensive security plan. Contact us today to get the computers on your network secured and updated.

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