See How Easily You Can Streamline Business Technology

Streamline-TechnologyYour staff members are busy every day, but technology can help them be more efficient, and team-oriented when working on projects.  Here are a couple of ways to streamline business technology in your office.

Team Communication

When your team can communicate effectively, whatever they are working on will become more efficient. By giving them the tools to work together, no matter where their location, they will be able to complete projects faster and better. Office 365 provides your staff Skype for Business. They can send messages, do video calls, and conference calls all together to make sure they stay on the same page.

File Sharing

Just like communication, teams work better when they can work on the same documents and make sure they see the most recent revisions. Office 365 also allows your staff to make edits and changes to things that everyone else can see and either approve or deny based on what is best for that project.

Network Printers

Make sure your staff can print when they are in the office, no matter where they are meeting. Having network printers means that anyone in the building can print to the most suitable printer for them. They no longer must be connected via wire to just one.

Electronic Signatures

How long have you had to wait for a paper signature to move forward? Consider an electronic signature program that will make approvals a breeze in the future and cut down on time wasted while you wait for the mail to get to you.

Less Paper Waste

Another benefit of file sharing is saving paper. When everyone works on the same document, they won’t be printing so many versions to approve, and it will create a more environmentally and conservative office environment.

These options start small to help you start thinking about all the other advantages technology can add to your office and functionality. Call Networks Unlimited today to see how we can help your office get started using technology to enhance teamwork.

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