simplify server health with monitoring

How to Simplify Server Health with a Monitoring Service

simplify server health with monitoring
Your server health is vital to the operation of your computer networks, daily activities, and therefore crucial to the operation of your business. An unintentional server crash can be a nightmare to recover from, so it is in the best interest of your business to keep it optimally functioning.
  • Setting up your server in a separate, enclosed room is a good idea to keep it safe and reduce the noise to staff working near it.
  • Wherever you keep your server, it is essential to make sure the temperature is between 56 and 75 degrees. Heat can be extremely damaging to servers and all electronics. Heat damage can cut the operating life of your server by a third.
  • In case your server does crash, it is essential to have all your data and files adequately backed up. Backing up to a location within your network or an offsite backup service ensures your data is safe in the event of a server crash.
  • Performing monthly maintenance is perhaps the most important preventative step to protect your server. Your server is running 24/7 and requires more maintenance than you might think.

Networks Unlimited’s Server and Desktop Monitoring Service allow you to relax and feel confident that your system is properly functioning. NU can perform automated maintenance on your server as well as a monthly visit to your business to check in. Our server monitoring service also includes managed license-free antivirus service and managed patch and upgrade service. Let the NU team take care of all your server maintenance. Contact us today to get started!

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