Work From Home Opportunities 💻🏠

As we continue to hear of the spread of the COVID-19, it is smart to start thinking of options for your business and employees to work from home. We understand technology and the opportunities it presents in an uncertain time like this. Continuing business as usual is crucial in light of the coronavirus. As technology experts, we can help set up opportunities and options to consider for your employees to continue working from the comfort of their home. We are here to help you navigate your technology needs during this …

The Human Element: How an MSP Protects Your Company – Part 2

Let’s take a deeper look into how Networks Unlimited, a Managed Services Provider, protects your company. If you missed Part 1: Hardware and Software, have no fear. You can read it and pop back here. Now, let’s get into how partnering with an MSP protects you from the human element. Everyday Criminals Sometimes, crime revolves around opportunity. If you have an open-door policy at your business, it makes it easy for an everyday criminal to waltz inside. And once inside, they can poke around computers that aren’t locked or secured. …

Hardware and Software: How an MSP Protects Your Company – Part 1

Let’s take a deeper look into how Networks Unlimited, a Managed Services Provider, protects your company. Let’s start with some of the simple things first, like how your hardware and software is protected. Updates and Patches This one is boring but absolutely critical. If you ignore all those little boxes in the corner that ask you to update software, you are in big trouble. The reason they pop up isn’t to annoy you (shocker, we know) but because there was a vulnerability identified and the software team made changes to …


Small Business Are Targeted Most by Ransomware

With the influx of ransomware in the news and the big businesses that have been attacked by these threats, you might be thinking that will never happen to your small to medium sized business. But guess again. Cyberthieves are increasingly targeting their attacks to smaller organizations. They target the “little guys” for a couple of reasons. SMBs Pay UP Yup, smaller businesses that don’t have any other means to retrieve their data have a higher percentage that pays when the ransom comes due. SMBs sometimes don’t have proper data backups, …

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Networks Unlimited Named as one of Top 250 Private Companies in Colorado

Networks Unlimited was named one of the Top 250 Private Companies in Colorado 2016 by ColoradoBiz Magazine. Networks Unlimited is only one of 6 companies to earn this honor in Grand Junction. The magazine annually ranks and recognizes the largest private businesses located in Colorado based on revenue growth. This is the first time Networks Unlimited has made this list, coming in at #223. The list is ranked according to the company’s gross revenues over the last year and the percent of change throughout the company’s years in business. The …

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Your Data is More Valuable Than You Think

Big company or small business, your data is valuable to not only you but hackers too. Don’t ever think that your firm is “too small” to be the victim of an attack. According to a recent NY times article, sixty percent of all online attacks in 2014 targeted small and midsize businesses. That number has only been growing over the past few years. With the increase in popularity of ransomware and phishing scams, individuals and businesses at every level are more prone to be targeted. It is easy money for …

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Ransomware – The New Business Security Threat

Let’s be honest. We all know someone at work (*cough* ourselves *cough*) who doesn’t always practice what the IT person preaches when it comes to security. All of those methods your IT person harps about are especially important to start adhering to with the new Ransomware schemes that are out there.

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The 3 Important Elements of Data Backups

Because of all the threats to data, it is imperative to backup your data. Here are the 3 important elements to any data backup plan.