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Stop Losing Files in O365 Once and For All

Did you know that besides offering offsite, vault and image backup, we have a solution specifically for Office 365 users too?  It’s called Backup Essentials for Office 365. While the name is a bit wordy, this solution couldn’t be more straightforward! This solution offers backup and recovery for Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. Backup Essentials for Office 365 is an excellent solution for small and large businesses who keep a majority of their files in the Microsoft Cloud. This includes those times where you’ve deleted an email …

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It’s Always the Season for Email Scams

‘Tis the season for a lot of things, but email scams? They always seem to be in style! A bunch of people in our office received this gem yesterday. At first glance, it looks legit! They’ve got the Discover Card logo and styling down. Links, apps, and that button for Account Details are also looking very valid, but when you take a second glance, there are some things very wrong with this email. “From” email Who is Sarah Wratten? Does she like to disco? Kidding! But you can see pretty …

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Common Technology Pain Points, and Solutions!

Technology pain points. Every business has them, and they are usually small issues that people just tend to work around and not even realize it is happening. Technology is no different. There are lots of little things that can cause you and your employee’s pain (and productivity!). A lot of these issues can be solved with Managed IT Services. Managed IT Services are all the small things you don’t think about updating or doing in technology. These services are done for you by a service provider (Networks Unlimited). These can include …


Best IT Practices for Employees to Avoid Cyber Security Threats

We all have heard about cyber security concerns and hackers breaching networks and compromising data from millions of people, but you also might be thinking that it only happens to big firms. In fact, 72% of data breaches happen to companies with less than 100 employees. Data breaches happen to businesses of all sizes – but we usually only hear about the large ones. Small businesses are much easier targets for hackers, and they often keep a lot of personally identifiable information in one place. This makes it easy for …

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What Exactly is Simple IT?

We talk a lot about Managed Services but don’t do the best job describing the comprehensive service we offer, called Simple IT. So, let’s dive right into it and explain what it is and the benefits of Simple IT. What is it? Simple IT is quite simply put, simple! It includes a range of services that allow your business to function without having to worry about who to call, how much extra it will cost, or wondering what will break down next. Included in the monthly fee per user are: …

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Wine Tasting / Backup Discussion Recap

The setting was perfect, the attendees were eager to hear about the topic, and the food and wine were delicious. The Intronis Wine Tasting and Backup Discussion was an excellent chance to interact with our customers and peers differently. It was a way to create an open dialogue about an important topic in a relaxed environment. It was a success! Mark Perry, Regional Account Director for Intronis presented some hard-hitting statistics regarding data protection and backups. Did you know that 43% of companies went out of business by a major …

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New Year, New Security Habits

With another year comes a whole slew of new resolutions. They always range from being a healthier person to being kinder or more patient, but what about your security habits? With cyber security hacks on the rise, have you thought about your online security? Passwords. With larger companies getting hacked, your safety is severely at risk. Are you making sure to change all passwords every time an announcement comes out? If not, you could be putting yourself at risk unnecessarily. The best practice is to update your password every couple …

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Ransomware – The New Business Security Threat

Let’s be honest. We all know someone at work (*cough* ourselves *cough*) who doesn’t always practice what the IT person preaches when it comes to security. All of those methods your IT person harps about are especially important to start adhering to with the new Ransomware schemes that are out there.

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Yup! We’ve Got You Covered.


We set out to see what Networks Unlimited has done in the past and came back with some pretty amazing statistics. Some were easy to configure, such as the number of team members we’ve got in our office (25), and the number of years we’ve done business in the area (15).