Turning Off Clutter in Outlook

You might have seen a new folder pop up in your Office 365 for Business Outlook account recently, the Clutter folder. Microsoft created this folder to help your daily workflow. It helps by moving lower priority messages from your Inbox to the Clutter folder automatically. Clutter determines if a message is “low priority” by analyzing your email habits and past behavior on messages you’ll most likely ignore.


Prevent A Future “Oops” With Outlook’s Email Rules Feature

Rules allow you to set custom actions depending on parameters you set for incoming and outgoing emails.  This is not a widely known feature but it can be a powerful communication tool.

email filtering increasing security

Email Filtering: Stopping Viruses, Upping Productivity.

In 2013, over 8,000,000 emails passed through our inbound email filters, saving our customers $67,132 in downtime and malware cleanup. Do you have email filtering for your business?