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Yup! We’ve Got You Covered.


We set out to see what Networks Unlimited has done in the past and came back with some pretty amazing statistics. Some were easy to configure, such as the number of team members we’ve got in our office (25), and the number of years we’ve done business in the area (15).

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Help Desk: Real People to Talk to When You’re Experiencing Problems

Picture this. Your computer is on the fritz again and you can’t get any work done. You know this isn’t a problem you can solve, however, you don’t want to get on the phone and call some company that will put you on hold for hours. Just the thought of that wait music is driving you insane! What are you supposed to do?

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Service for ANY Sized Business

One of the biggest misconceptions about Networks Unlimited, is that it is only for the “big guys”. In fact, our average customer is around 15-20 employees in size. No matter if your business tops well over 100 employees or it is just you, Networks Unlimited is your solution for all things technology related. We work with health care facilities, retail, manufacturing, legal offices, dental offices, financial institutions and many other types of business big and small.


Prevent A Future “Oops” With Outlook’s Email Rules Feature

Rules allow you to set custom actions depending on parameters you set for incoming and outgoing emails.  This is not a widely known feature but it can be a powerful communication tool.

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Email Filtering: Stopping Viruses, Upping Productivity.

In 2013, over 8,000,000 emails passed through our inbound email filters, saving our customers $67,132 in downtime and malware cleanup. Do you have email filtering for your business?

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Tablet Malware: It’s Growing. How to Protect Your Device

With tablet sales exploding in the marketplace, you can bet that cyber criminals and hackers are ready to pounce on the opportunity find vulnerabilities in tablets- and many already have. Global tablet sales grew 37 percent to 47.6 million units in the third quarter according to Venture Beat.

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Remote Offices and Telecommuting Grows

Remote workers are growing in numbers. Here are some facts and insights about telecommuting. We offer phone, video conferencing and remote network connection options for a remote workforce.