email filtering increasing security

Email Filtering: Stopping Viruses, Upping Productivity.

In 2013, over 8,000,000 emails passed through our inbound email filters, saving our customers $67,132 in downtime and malware cleanup. Do you have email filtering for your business?

android protection apps

Tablet Malware: It’s Growing. How to Protect Your Device

With tablet sales exploding in the marketplace, you can bet that cyber criminals and hackers are ready to pounce on the opportunity find vulnerabilities in tablets- and many already have. Global tablet sales grew 37 percent to 47.6 million units in the third quarter according to Venture Beat.

working remotely?

Remote Offices and Telecommuting Grows

Remote workers are growing in numbers. Here are some facts and insights about telecommuting. We offer phone, video conferencing and remote network connection options for a remote workforce. 

Cryptolocker virus alert

New Virus ‘CryptoLocker’ On The Rise

This virus is circulating and demanding $300 to unlock your computer and files. We are asking everyone to practice caution with internet browsing and opening emails as this virus has already infected two of our customers and has been difficult to remove. Because the virus is new, anti-virus software is not able to detect and quarantine the infection yet.

benefits of VOIP Phones

The Benefits of VoIP

VOIP is a way for businesses to save money and enhance their communication. Read more about the benefits of VOIP.

causes of data loss

3 Proven Methods to Prevent Costly Data Loss

Odds are, your business has or will experience data loss at some point. Whether it’s an accidentally deleted file or a complete storage failure on your server, the ramifications can be devastating.

Texting Accepted as O.K. Business Communication

This shows just how texting has made its way into business communication. Surprisingly, texters report that 3% have resigned from a job through a text message!

IT Quick Tip: Exploding Computers!

Ok- your computer probably won’t explode, but it is easy to forget that computers are no more than machines. Like any machine, computers need maintenance.