3 Reasons You Should Use Secure-IT

Networks Unlimited believes the best way to ward against malware and cyber-attacks is to have a multi-layered security approach. One of those items to keep your business data secure is the installation and use of a firewall. Your firewall is a barrier that only allows specific things into your network. These things are predetermined and configured specially for your business. Our Secure-IT service gives you all the best benefits of a firewall, but at a monthly expense that you can plan for to help your business succeed. The three best …


Ways Your Employees Compromise Data Security

Last week’s blog included tips on how to be proactive in your network security. One of those ways was to train your personnel. This week we will discuss why it is so important to have a trained staff. Here are five ways employees can compromise your data security. Inside Job Thinking this is an inside job is the worst one to bring up, but we will just go ahead and get it right out of the way. Yes, sometimes your employees can be so mad about something that they will …

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Proactive Network Security

Why wait around for your network to become compromised? There are some simple methods you can start putting in place now to be proactive in this hacker day-of-age. 1. Get Support The buy in and measurements required to support a network-wide security measure is imperative. You need to get your manager’s/boss’s full support, so they understand the scale of what you want to do and the threat that is making you want to take those measures. The best way to garner support from those key executives is to show them …

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Humans: The Last Line of Defense in Cybersecurity

In this day in age, where we all hear about is malware, ransomware, and other virus attacks businesses and individual’s get nailed with on a daily basis, human error is still the number one way hackers get into your systems. That isn’t to say that anti-virus programs and system backups aren’t important, they are still critical. After the systems in place to keep your data secure, humans are the last line of defense in this battle. That questionable email attachment, the pop up on the screen that says your computer …

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Non-Profits IT Solutions

For those of you in the non-profit world, you know that ever dollar matters. It means you run lean for marketing and staff and even leaner for technology. Everyone pitches in and helps out where their skill set allows. This usually leaves most organizations without proper IT items: no dedicated IT staff, no fancy new computers and no time to keep current systems going.