Joint Development Associates

Joint Development Associates (“JDA”) might not ring a bell for you, but the work they do overseas advances the lives of thousands of people. The non-profit organization’s creation happened in 1994 by Bob and Cathy Hedlund. It started out by drilling thousands of clean-water wells in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan and now has grown to improve community health and farming techniques for the northern population in Afghanistan. When the organization first started working in Afghanistan in 2001, Bob spoke with the elders to ask what they needed most.¬† The elders answered that …

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Non-Profits IT Solutions

For those of you in the non-profit world, you know that ever dollar matters. It means you run lean for marketing and staff and even leaner for technology. Everyone pitches in and helps out where their skill set allows. This usually leaves most organizations without proper IT items: no dedicated IT staff, no fancy new computers and no time to keep current systems going.