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15 Time Saving Tech Tips to Make the Most of Your Day

Today is the shortest day of the year (or longest night of the year), so what better way to mark this occasion then to list off a couple of time-saving tech tips. Some of these you might already know, and some might just save you a lot of time in the future. Tap the spacebar to scroll down a page online Hold shift while taping the spacebar to scroll back up the page If you want larger text on a webpage, hold CTRL and “+”; to make it smaller hold …

employee appreciation day header

Employee Appreciation Day: March 3rd

Food Buying some office snacks, springing for breakfast or catering a lunch are all great ways for you to show some extra love to your employees, plus people need to eat, and appreciate it more when it’s free! Relaxation Helping the office vibe by offering some relaxation techniques for an hour one day could benefit everyone’s mental health. Hire a massage therapist, yoga instructor or meditation coach to come in and give a class or offer their services to your staff. Gifts Who doesn’t love getting something, even as small …

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Hate Doing Software Updates? Your Computer Could Be Vulnerable.

Most of us are aware of the primary ways our computers become vulnerable to hackers; visiting infected websites, having easy to guess passwords, opening attachments/links sent via email, but one of the most forgotten or unknown weak points of a computer is not updating your software. Software updates are something we rarely think about, but they are essential to the health and security of our network. When software manufacturers come out with updates, it is partly due to them finding weak points that hackers can use to infiltrate your computer. …

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Information Overload in a Technology World

Information. In today’s world, everything you do seems to depend upon technology. People see more than 34 billion bits of information per day and are connected to some type of technology device up to 12 hours a day! This can cause people to feel overwhelmed and actually decrease productivity.

Flood, Fire or Theft

Recently I drove into work, there were a line of firetrucks, which i didn’t think anything of since we tend to have frequent false alarms, so much that none of us leave the building when the alarm goes off. But this time was different! I went to park behind the building and there must have been a dozen fire fighters, a couple with a sledge hammer making what looked like swiss cheese out of the side of our building, bricks tumbling and smoke billowing out of the wall.

Microsoft discontinues support for Windows XP (RTM), Server 2000, & Professional 2000

Now is the time to update equipment, it is costly to try and rescue old machines with old software that is no longer supported.