computer spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning for Your Computer

I’m not sure if anyone still goes through the “spring cleaning” process at homes, but we’ve got some tips for office spring cleaning to maintain your technology to keep it at top speeds and ensure it is the most reliable. Defrag Make sure all those little Tetris blocks are in the correct spot so your computer can find things faster and run more smoothly. Find the steps to defrag your computer here. Firewall Love Make sure it is turned on. Why? It’s a barrier between your computer network and the …

printer security header

Printer Security…Is that a Thing??

Printers. Every office has one, but do you think any more about it unless it isn’t currently working? Should you? The answer is yes. Printers can be one of the biggest risks to your network security. Per HP, “There are hundreds of millions of business printers in the world and less than 2% of them are secure”, which is a great thing for anyone wanting to wreak havoc in your organization. Listed below are some of the main threats and vulnerabilities found in printers and some ways to mitigate them. …

blythe designs collage

Blythe Group

Blythe Group was formed in 1996 (formerly known as Blythe Design) and rebranded to encompass all of the services they offer. They are a full-service architecture firm, which means they handle conceptual design and programming, architecture, interior design and project management services. Blythe is a team of 8, which is one of the largest firms on the Western Slope of Colorado. Everyone on staff has a passion for creating unique, amazing projects, but they also strive to learn about their client’s wants and needs to enhance and customize each design …

new year, new security

New Year, New Security Habits

With another year comes a whole slew of new resolutions. They always range from being a healthier person to being kinder or more patient, but what about your security habits? With cyber security hacks on the rise, have you thought about your online security? Passwords. With larger companies getting hacked, your safety is severely at risk. Are you making sure to change all passwords every time an announcement comes out? If not, you could be putting yourself at risk unnecessarily. The best practice is to update your password every couple …

chris trotter at bookcase

Daniels Law Group

Martelle Daniels graduated from the University of Denver, College of Law in 1983, thus beginning her career in the field of law. Growing up, she was always interested in politics and government. In 1987, she was appointed as Magistrate for the 21st Judicial District. During her tenure, she was named to the Child Support Commission and helped create the current child support guidelines and legislation. In 1994, Martelle hung up her Magistrate robe and ventured into private practice. She opened Daniels Law Group in 2005 and specializes in dissolution of …

locky ransomware image

Malicious JPG Images on Social Media Spreading Locky Ransomware

IF YOU RECEIVE AN IMAGE FILE SENT BY SOMEONE, EVEN YOUR FRIEND, ON YOUR FACEBOOK MESSENGER, LINKEDIN OR ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM, DO NOT CLICK ON IT. According to, a new campaign attack has begun. This one is targeting all sorts of social media! Facebook Messenger and LinkedIn have reportedly been hijacked to spread the Locky Ransomware. Booby-trapping JPG images spread the ransomware. In some cases, you don’t even have to download the picture file; the malicious program forcibly downloads to your computer. Once the malware is in your system, …

ransomware image

Your Data is More Valuable Than You Think

Big company or small business, your data is valuable to not only you but hackers too. Don’t ever think that your firm is “too small” to be the victim of an attack. According to a recent NY times article, sixty percent of all online attacks in 2014 targeted small and midsize businesses. That number has only been growing over the past few years. With the increase in popularity of ransomware and phishing scams, individuals and businesses at every level are more prone to be targeted. It is easy money for …

windows xp support ended

How to Increase Security on Your XP Machine After End of Support

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP. As a result, routine security patches will not be released and this means XP machines will have more security vulnerabilities. If you plan to remain on Windows XP after support ends on April 8, here are some tips to keep your system more secure.