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Tech Costume Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner! Do you dress up? Does your company have a big costume party? Are you still searching for an idea? Here are a few tech costume ideas that seem pretty easy to put together, and have the added benefit of quenching that tech vibe you’re craving.

  1. Google Map Guides – This can be done as a standalone, couple, or group costume idea, and it’s so simple! The only downside I can see is having to wear that red pinpoint on your head all day, but if you like your space, it might help you keep your bubble.

Google Map Guides costume

  1. Emojis – There are TONS to choose from, making it somewhat simple to find one that you have most of the makings for in your closet.

emoji costume

  1. Steve Jobs – again, another simple one to quickly put together (if you already own a turtleneck and various apple products).

steve jobs costume

  1. iPhone – this one looks like it requires an actual costume, but if you’ve got some crafty people surrounding you, they might be able to help you create it from scratch. Even if you do a terrible job, this one is so recognizable it would be hard to screw it up that much!

iPhone costume

  1. Social Media – these girls took it up a notch by adding the tutus, but you could just as conveniently wear jeans and a colored t-shirt with the logo stuck on it.

social media costume

  1. Firefox Browser – this has the added benefit of actually being two separate costumes! One night you can just go as a fox, then next you add the globe and go as the Firefox browser! Win-win!

firefox costume

  1. Code – if you’re really in a jam and need something immediately, just stick this code on a white t-shirt and call it good!

code costume

  1. Zombie Tech Support – just be yourself…just kidding! Get some pale or white face paint and some red and smear away.

zombie tech costume

  1. Firewall – get it? Not exactly accurate, but it works, and is easy too!

firewall costume

  1. Snapchat Filters – want to be basic? This is the time to do it! Pick your favorite filter on the snap, and go wild!

snapchat costume

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