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15 Time Saving Tech Tips to Make the Most of Your Day

Tech TipsToday is the shortest day of the year (or longest night of the year), so what better way to mark this occasion then to list off a couple of time-saving tech tips. Some of these you might already know, and some might just save you a lot of time in the future.
  1. Tap the spacebar to scroll down a page online
  2. Hold shift while taping the spacebar to scroll back up the page
  3. If you want larger text on a webpage, hold CTRL and “+”; to make it smaller hold CTRL and “– “
  4. When texting on your cell, tap the spacebar twice to add a period to the end of your sentence
  5. Want a definition online? Type the word “define” followed by the word in Google to learn what it means
  6. Blackout a PPT slide during a presentation by hitting the “B” key. Hit it again to resume your slideshow
  7. Don’t want a black screen? Hit “W” to make it a white screen
  8. 95% of internet connectivity problems are solved by power cycling the router AND modem
  9. CTRL plus the Spacebar selects entire columns in Excel
  10. SHIFT plus Space selected whole lines
  11. Need to screenshot? Search for the Snipping Tool and drag the tool to the section you want
  12. Need to do it on a Mac? Use Command-Shift-3 (entire screen) Command-Shift-4 (section tool)
  13. “K” will pause and play that YouTube video you’re watching
  14. “L” will do a 10 second fast forward and “J” will complete a 10-second rewind on YouTube
  15. Looking for an image in Google Chrome? Hold the “S” and right click

Hopefully, this short day will be the most productive one yet with these simple tech tips! If you are just looking for keyboard shortcuts, view a previous blog called “Our Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts.”

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