tips for training employees

Tips for Training Employees on the Latest Technology

tips for training employeesTraining employees on technology can be especially tricky because change is always hard. That’s human nature.

Outdated technology can hinder employees’ efficiency and serve as a security threat. Getting the most updated tech is important, but training employees on how to use it can be a challenge. Here are a few tips to efficiently train employees and get things running smoothly.

  • Explain it – thoroughly explaining why the new technology is beneficial to your employees and the company will help employees understand why they should invest the time and effort to learn and adapt to the new technology
  • Recruit your tech-savvy employees – some employees are more apt to take on new technology and can be beneficial in training others
  • Take a hands-on training approach – many people learn faster when they can try something out themselves, rather than just listening to a presentation
  • Instructions – provide written instructions and screenshots as reference materials for your employees so they can have easy access to the directions after training is over
  • Size Matters – training in small groups allows for more questions and one-on-one attention, making it a more active environment to ensure your staff are getting it quickly
  • It Takes Time – understand that some employees may be more apprehensive about new technology, and you may need to invest more time and energy into making sure they are comfortable
  • Seek feedback – even after you’ve completed the initial training process, seek input; it allows employees to express any concerns they have or changes that need to occur that could improve productivity

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