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What are Managed Services & How They Help Small Business

Many small businesses are finding benefits in using managed services because they can “grow as they go.” Managed Services offer businesses flexibility and scalability to fit their specific organizations.

Here is an overview of the managed services that Networks Unlimited offers and the top benefits that business owners and CIO’s gain from implementing cloud managed services.



Cost containment and predictability are two of the hardest things to achieve in business.  This service plan provides for a simple flat-fee monthly bill to cover the maintenance and support of your network, server, desktops and users.

ManageIT Server

The fact is, your Microsoft Server requires more service and maintenance than a car.  Your business absolutely relies on your server for daily operations.  Our service is designed to operate as the dashboard for your server, letting us know when potential issues arise.  In addition, we perform automated maintenance on your server as well as provide a scheduled monthly visit to your business to be sure your server is operating optimally.

Auto Backups/VaultIT/ImageIT

The goal of these services is to provide our customers with multiple ways to affordably backup their data securely, both onsite and offsite with management of the tools provided by Networks Unlimited

Anti X

No computer should be without anti-virus software protection.  Our service provides business class virus protection which is updated and monitored by Networks Unlimited without annual renewals.

Help Desk

Why wait for the next available technician to drive to your business when our help desk has the experience and tools to start working on your problem right now?  Oh, and our average call time is around 15 minutes and billed as such.

Host IT

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook are mainstays to business email communications.  Our cloud-based service provides small and medium-sized businesses an option for obtaining this functionality without having to purchase, install, maintain and replace a dedicated Microsoft Exchange Server.


The average private network is pinged by would-be hackers on an hourly basis.  The only thing standing between your security and data theft is your network firewall.  Our business class firewall service provides for the configuration, maintenance, and replacement of firewall services at your location.  Do you have multiple locations?  Our service covers connecting them securely as well.

Block IT  

Of all email, a company receives, over 80% of it is unsolicited junk mail.  As much as 3% of that mail has viruses attached.  Our service scans all inbound email for viruses and filters unwanted junk email before it ever hits your network.


Our customers appreciate a one-stop-shop approach to technology.  For that reason, Networks Unlimited is partnered with internet and voice service providers to simplify purchasing internet and voice circuits.


Patches and updates are critical to the operability and functionality of your Windows workstations.  Are all your PC’s up-to-date with the latest patches?  Let Networks Unlimited managed this for you.

Content Filtering

Most businesses have some type of internet use policy for their employees, but what means do they have to enforce it?  This service can be configured to enforce your policies and report on internet usage.  As a side note, most malware (web-type browser infections) comes from sites which are not business related.

Hosted Voice

Your phone system is your lifeblood for communicating with your customers and business partners.  Cloud-based phone services provide a simple way to obtain state of the art voice features, with a relatively low cost of ownership.


For those customers whom need a secure offsite location to either store data, or stage a server or technical services, Networks Unlimited can provide that location, with internet service, firewall service, and monitoring of your equipment.


If you haven’t seen the power of Microsoft SharePoint, you are missing out.  Imagine building a private website where you can share documents, simplify workflows, collaborate on projects and limit access and participation to include both employees and customers.  Oh, and you can access the site from any computer, anywhere.  It is a cloud service, so no server hardware or software, and we do the site setup as part of the installation.

Buy IT

For customers who subscribe to either our ManageIT or SimpleIT services for their servers/networks, Networks Unlimited offers a discount in both labor rates and hardware/software purchases.

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