don't power off during updates

Why are Microsoft Updates Important?

Windows Updates allow for fixes to known flaws in Microsoft products and operating systems. The fixes, known as patches, are modifications to software and hardware to help improve performance, reliability, and security.

The types of updates are

Security Updates: Security updates for Windows work to protect against new and ongoing threats. They are classified as Critical, Important, Moderate, Low, or non-rated.

Critical Updates: These are high priority updates. When these are released, they need to be updated as soon as possible. It is recommended to have these set as automatic.

Software Updates: Software updates are not critical. They often expand features and improve the reliability of the software.

Service Packs: These are roll-ups, or a compilation, of all previous updates to ensure that you are up to date on all of the patches since the release of the product up to a particular date. If your system is behind on updates, then service packs bring your system up to date.

What happens if updates are not installed?

Your system becomes more susceptible to outside threats when updates are not installed. New malware is released each day and without the security patches from windows updates, your PC is more at risk. Your system could also experience compatibility issues with hardware and software.

Configure Automatic updates:

Configuring your PC to receive updates automatically is one way to help your PC receive the latest fixes.

Here is how to configure them:


Patch Management

Patch management is a service that manages updates for organizations. Networks are monitored to make sure that machines have received the most current and past updates. Patches could be prevented if a machine is powered off when updates were scheduled to run, or if a user logged into the machine and prevents the updates from being installed. Overall, patch management prevents computers from missing updates and brings those that have missed them up to date. The timing of the updates can be scheduled at certain times depending on an organizationā€™s needs. In the event that an update causes problems, which can happen on occasion, assistance is given to resolve the issues with the patches that were applied.

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