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Why Should I?!


A new thing that Networks Unlimited is rolling out is to suggest our current anti-virus customers add an additional layer of protection on all of their business devices. “Why?” is the most frequent question we hear, and with good cause! You’ve already got one anti-virus, why add one? The simple answer is that they both protect you but in different ways.

One of the anti-virus software works with a checklist of items that the program knows to be malicious. The checklist is a great solution for reoccurring viruses and malware because those known files are stored in their database located on your computer. This database is only updated when you update the software associated with the program.

The additional layer is a behavior-based system, which means it predicts new viruses out there based on behavior to protect your system in the ever-changing security landscape. This database of viruses lives in the cloud on their server, and it is constantly talking about the program on your computer updating itself and making the most obvious bad guy’s list available all the time.

With a knowledge base of virus protection, as well as a system that can learn for the future, your business systems have a much better chance of avoiding the dreaded “down-time” where you sit at your desk twiddling your thumbs until your handy-dandy IT person can restore files, fix problems, or get you back into databases that you need to complete your work.

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