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Why Update Your Computer or Office Equipment?

computer updateWe’ve all been there; seeing that little pop up that something or other has an update for installation and ignoring it. We are all guilty of neglecting it for a while too. It just seems like SUCH an inconvenience, but it has a perfect reason to be pesky.

Those updates are fixes to the software or hardware installed on your computer. Those repairs keep hackers from easily entering your system and wreaking havoc! Here are a couple more reasons to convince you just to click the update button already!

  1. Reduced Costs

Reducing costs might not seem like a valid reason, but older software and hardware will cost you more in the long run. Old equipment requires more maintenance or replacement more often than the newer stuff. Sometimes it can take a specialist to fix what you’ve got going on because no one else is familiar with it, or how it works, leading to expensive bills. Older equipment and software can also lead to additional pay for overtime for those IT professionals you already have working on it. If you are running into any of those problems, it might be time to start saving money in the long run by spending money today.

  1. Increased Productivity

It is safe to say that newer software and hardware improve upon some things when they are constructed. These improvements lead to fewer steps, or less time it takes your employees to complete tasks. These more streamlined efforts lead to increased productivity among your staff (not to mention a happier staff)! Investing in your equipment shows your team that you are willing to spend on them too.

  1. Security

Security was mentioned in the first paragraph, but having a secure system is so crucial that I’m repeating it. Older software and hardware are more prone to viruses or hackers attacking. Make sure that you are updating as much as you can. Those annoying patches could save your data.

  1. Incompatibility

Old systems make it hard to update anything in your office. Often, they don’t like talking to new software or other office equipment. It takes up so much time to make things work, saving files differently to be compatible, or transferring data to a different machine that will work together. If it is taking you or your employees extra time to complete tasks due to old equipment or software, you might want to consider an upgrade.

Whether it is older office equipment or software, sometimes the need to update is a necessity. Don’t keep slugging along, call Networks Unlimited to get an assessment of what you’ve got and what you might need to upgrade. (970) 243-3311.

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