why your office needs a replacement plan

Why Your Office Needs a Replacement Policy

why your office needs a replacement planYou’ve just spent a lot of time and money to make sure that all your equipment is updated and top-notch! You can now forget about technology for a long time, right?

Not quite. This is the perfect time to create a replacement plan for all your office equipment to ensure that you don’t have to drop a boatload of cash all at once in the future.

So, let’s start with what a replacement plan is. This is the plan you have for how you will replace technology in the years to come. You can write out precisely what computers, printers, monitors, etc. will be replaced and what year it will happen.

Why should you create a plan for technology replacement? A replacement plan will help you budget for technology within the next few years. Even if you have modern equipment now, we all know that technology changes quickly and that means we must change with it. Having a plan for upgrades will also help you ensure that newer versions will work with your current software and other office accessories. If a significant change happens, you can work with your technology person or company to start creating a solution before it ever becomes a problem.

There are also a couple of benefits that a replacement policy brings that aren’t top of the mind. One is employee productivity. Employees don’t often ask for new computers until it gets so hard to do their work, or the equipment dies completely. If your staff is working with old technology, they might be wasting a lot of time just waiting for documents to open or save. Collaboration is another benefit that comes with new technology. Most office equipment now is geared towards cooperation and your team can benefit from these advances!

A replacement plan doesn’t have to be anything fancy or complicated to track. Just list all of your current equipment, when you think it was purchased, and when you feel a good time to replace it will be. If you need some help with a replacement plan, contact your IT support, like Networks Unlimited. We would be happy to help you create a replacement plan to help you budget and keep your employees happy!

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