planning for windows 7 end of life

Preparing for Windows 7 End of Life

planning for windows 7 end of lifeYou might have heard that extended support for Windows 7 is ending.

Mainstream support ended January 13, 2015, but after January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. What does this mean for you and your office equipment running Windows 7?

First off, if your office is a die-hard Windows 7 fan, you will find it more difficult to even find new computers with a Windows 7 license or the ability to get that operating system installed. If you are lucky enough to find one, the security and support for fixing bugs and problems will be non-existent after January 14, 2020. A lack of security updates leaves your network more vulnerable to hackers and ransomware.

So, what should you do? Plan! With a little over a year before Microsoft gives up on Windows 7, you need to start planning what you’re going to do in the coming years. Start testing your software programs on a Windows 10 operating system to make sure that it works correctly. The costs of upgrading all of your computers at the same time can add up quickly. Doing it in stages will be easier on your budget than taking one big hit.

Don’t feel overwhelmed; Networks Unlimited can help! We can consult with you to plan your budget for this upgrade. We can price new hardware or software that you need to make these changes. We can also help you test your current software on the new operating system to work out the bugs.

Whatever your needs are when Windows 7 goes out of service, we can help! Contact us today and let’s get started on a game plan for your business.

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