Work Etiquette: Five things you should never do…

While we are still in a strange time, either working remotely or back to in-person work at your workplace, we can agree that there are some cardinal rules that should be remembered while working back at your workplace.

  1. Eat someone else’s food.
    • Have you heard of the practical jokes gone bad of someone catching their co-workers food? Just Google or YouTube it and we promise you’ll get a laugh and friendly reminder you don’t want to be the person snatching food out of someone else’s lunchbox.
    • It’s just plain rude to take the food of your co-worker. They planned to eat it and should be able to…so don’t ever do it!
  2. Listen to your music without headphones.
    • Even if it’s quiet, it’s never a good idea to listen to your music or the news out loud.
    • Don’t do it unless everyone in your department agrees to it.
      • And even then, people might agree to it although they don’t really want to.
  3. Bad talk your employer.
    • If you bad talk your employer, you’re disregarding the work that everyone does. If you really have issues, go talk with your superior in management and see how to resolve the issues at hand. Remember: first to seek to understand and then be understood.
    • Your coworkers may really appreciate and enjoy their job.
      • They will develop a distaste for you if you talk badly about something they enjoy.
  4. Bad talk an employee.
    • Don’t ever talk badly about a fellow employee – whether it’s to that person or to another coworker. It really just is never a good idea and can hurt the feelings of co-workers.
    • Talking bad about a fellow co-worker will make you seem untrustworthy and unprofessional.
  5.  Work on personal items.
    • You’ll automatically be looked upon as lazy and disrespectful of company time.
    • Once is one time too many. If you are not being challenged at work or have more free time, see how you might be able to create a better structure for your day and ask for more responsibilities or duties to fill your day. This will show you are diligent, hardworking, and have a good work ethic!

Again, we’re in strange times during this Coronavirus season – but it doesn’t make work etiquette less important! We may offer advice for work etiquette but what we really do well is manage technology needs with small businesses! We’d love to hear from you if you have any IT questions. Call us at 970-243-3311 or reach out to

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